We always invest in the best and most modern machinery. Here are some of the tools we’re now using for efficiency, quality and sustainability:

Our state-of-the-art research and development invents or adapts new technologies to deliver the innovations that great brands thrive on.

We’ve implemented a lean work-in-process system, and developed systematic sampling and checking of all raw materials. We monitor our labor productivity in terms of available minutes versus produced minutes., and we amplify and measure this efficiency through our world-class Oracle enterprise resource planning system. Blackthorn World is implementing the Six Sigma technique to improve efficiency. And we use the Seven-Zero quality improvement in-line audit to prevent defects and address issues at the source, ensuing that any errors are caught quickly and any causes are immediately corrected.


  • E-Flow technology – using nano-bubbles for application of washes, dyes and treatments -- enhancing productivity, saving energy conserving water and eliminating waste and emissions.

  • The latest G2 & G3 machines for ozone-based 100 percent waterless sustainable washing.

  • High-capacity wrinkle baking ovens from Metod, Mac-tech and Yilmak for thermomigration of resins applied to garment for permanent wrinkles or creases, and for Malavasi coated pigment finishes.

  • High-efficiency drying with the BigMac extractor, saving time, electricity and steam.

  • TukaTeck Software for efficient fabric cutting, reducing fabric waste and time.


Multi layer table to handle stretchable fabric cutting