Blackthorn is making garments more sustainable. We continue to invest in processes and business practices that are even better for the planet and for its people. That includes equipment and technologies that lower the amount of water and energy we put into a pair of jeans. And we continually invest in innovating products that help lead the industry in reducing harmful impacts of polyester aswell as cotton from agriculture to landfills. We know it’s working because we maintain Environmental Impact Measurement data, which we share with our clients..

To reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the supply chain, we have a dedicated Technical Representative for chemical management. We always purchase chemicals from approved chemical suppliers with all the compliance documents like PSD, CIL, SDS, COA and TDS. We can ensure we always use the chemicals and dyes that are in compliance with your own Restricted Substances List.
Blackthorn is also making advances in energy conservation and the use of renewables. We operate our boilers with local biofuels rather than conventional energy resources. And we’re saving more energy using waste-heat recovery.